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Newforms gathering in Winchester

On the weekend of 16th/17th October this year my husband and I invited Peter and Marsha Farmer ( from Nottingham to come to our home and talk to anyone who turned up about simple or organic church.  We had a few friends to ask and Peter had a full address book of people to invite>  He travels all over the UK meeting believers he has met on the internet who are often tucked away in their homes praying for God to initiate simple church in their towns.
On the Sunday we opened our home for a "bring and share" lunch.  By about one o'clock we had almost fifty people crammed into our home.  They came from at least four counties.  Many were couples who had left legacy or traditional churches and were just hoping to hear from others who had started simple churches and some were folk who had been "doing" simple church for some time.  We talked about getting started, we talked about being missional, we talked about whether simple churches should follow the Biblical model of having "outside" workers.  There were no right or wrong answers.  The common theme was that simple church is relational.  Structure and hierarchy is not needed, other than deciding where you were going to meet and what you were going to eat!!!
Many of us are still feeling our way.  We have questions.  How do we worship?  Is worship all about singing anyway?  How many of us meet together before we have to split into smaller groups?  How do you start from scratch with sojourners with no relationship with God?  We met some great people and have begun journeying with them together as we share our stories and swop ideas.
Peter offers church planting training based on Jesus' model in Luke 10 of sending His disciples out in pairs to find a man or woman of peace and bring the gospel to their home.  It is an intriguing and challenging message and we hope to host this training in Winchester in the New Year. 
We don't have all the answers, but one thing I do know, I now understand what Abraham must have felt like when he packed his bags and left .... without knowing where he was going!!!!